Gas Safe Register and Gas Safe Registered Engineer

February 13, 2015 Gas

What does gas safe register do?
Gas safe register is an official body in the United Kingdom which authorizes personnel working in the field of gas. Gas safe register came into action to replace CORGI which is no longer valid. So in order to carry out any work on gas appliances and gas installation in the United Kingdom, a person has to be gas safe registered. The main task of the gas safe register is to assess the personnel applying to be registered with the authority. In doing so, the organization focuses on maintaining and improving the safety and security of the gas plumbing and appliance systems being used in residential as well as commercial establishments.
The gas safe register has a dedicated nationwide investigations team, which tracks down individuals who are working illegally. They also conduct regular inspection of gas safe registered engineers. Their task also includes educating consumers and improving awareness of gas safety and also investigating reports of unsafe gas work. Gas plumbing in the UK like other advanced countries is much more than fixing kitchen appliances. Apart from kitchen appliance repair work many gas engineers nowadays also take up central heating installation and repair. For this type of work an engineer needs to be properly qualified and the Gas safe register makes sure that he or she has the necessary qualification and skills to undertake such work.

What is a gas safe registered engineer?
As mentioned above a gas safe registered engineer is one who has been certified by the gas safe register to work as a professional. In the UK it is illegal for anyone to undertake gas appliances and systems installation and repair work without this registration. To become a gas safe registered engineer he or she must prove capability in gas related assignments carried out in UK’s recognized assessment centers. The gas safe register maintains a record of experienced gas engineers. Only gas safe registered engineers are permitted to undertake gas work.

The engineer in question should have:
Security hologram
Full contact details
The issue and expiry dates
Services provided (domestic and non-domestic)
Updated qualifications (LPG/bottled gas or natural gas)

gas safe engineer id

Areas of work that they are qualified
The gas safe registered engineer can be recognized with these things and by looking at the back of their gas safe register card which will have a unique license number, which shows the type of gas work they are qualified to perform.

gas safe engineer licence

What do I need to check on the gas safe ID card?
The card should be in legible condition and all the details on it should be clearly visible. The things that you need to check on the front and back of the ID card are:
You need to be careful about these things because it is a matter of your safety. Unsafe gas work can lead to some serious and even fatal accidents. Hence, unless you have your gas work done by a gas safe registered engineer, you would be risking your life and property. Gas leakage can cause irreparable damage to property and lives. If by any chance a gas leak occurs in a building, then only a gas safe registered engineer should be hired to fix the problem.





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