What is Initial and Fundamental Inspection and Testing?

January 17, 2015

If you are an electrician in UK you know well what the initial and fundamental inspection and testing may mean to you. But, for the commoners it’s NOT. Initial and fundamental inspection and testing is a specialized job that asks for certain qualifications and competence of the electrician responsible for it. Hence it’s NOT everybody’s cup of tea; only the qualified alias certified electricians can take up this job.

Why certification is important here???

There are several aspects of looking at the question; namely –

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  • You for example call a car mechanic for repairing/servicing your car and NOT a carpenter. This perhaps best describes the importance of assigning the right job to the right people such as the initial and fundamental inspection and testing job only to a certified person!!!
  • Again there is no dearth of electricians in the market; unfortunately not all of them are competent and qualified enough for taking up initial and fundamental inspection and testing. There comes the importance of having certification that works as a selection criterion here.
  • Taking a dip into the words initial and fundamental you will realize that the job isn’t about everyday and common household electrical works. It is more of a specialized skill that can be obtained through proper hands on training and education. After all, knowledge is power to you!!!

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of initial and fundamental inspection and testing:

Like the five fingers on our hand the certification on initial and fundamental inspection and testing comes handy for both the experienced and the beginners. Because, the experienced electricians can stand to benefit from the latest updates on the subject while the beginners will have a thorough knowledge backed by the hands on training on the subject. This virtually construes to benefit for all – be it experienced or the beginner!!! That’s the catch here.

Who can join the certification course on initial and fundamental inspection and testing?

Well, anyone willing to pursue further studies on heavy duty electrical installations and testing can join the course. But, the course is found to be helpful and ideal for the following.

  • Contractors already on the job of fundamental inspection and testing
  • People with prior knowledge on initial and fundamental testing and inspection who didn’t pursue the job for sometime
  • People doing the job of initial and fundamental testing and inspection; but aren’t formally qualified for it

The course is summarily meant for those electricians who have some knowledge on the subject.



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