What will you require to do as an electrician?

March 10, 2015 Electric

Electricity is what runs the world today, and apart from the regular light fixtures to all the electrical appliances, an electrician is required to install as well as maintain them. Electricians are of three types:
Installation electricians, whose main job is to test and install wiring systems and equipment, their help is especially required when a residential or commercial building is being constructed. They sometimes follow architect drawings and work on building sites. They were also helpful at the time when you are remodeling your home or office.

A maintenance electrician who test and maintain electrical equipment and their main role is in the commercial or heavy industry. However, your everyday home electrical appliances also require regular maintenance and for this you may need a maintenance engineer.

Production electricians, who construct complex electrical and electronic appliances from wiring diagrams, these professionals are usually employed in manufacturing units of electrical appliances.

What is expected from an electrician?

Usually as an electrician you will be required to work regular 40 hours a week. Some professionals choose to work overtime and on weekends. Usually there are few emergencies that an electrician has to attend to, but once started the job cannot be left unfinished. This is the reason that often an electrician may have to work for a number of hours.

The kind of place where you work will depend on the kind of electrician that you are. You may work in a factory, workshop, at home, at a building site etc. However, keep in mind that there is a lot of physical strain involved in the work of an electrician. This is because you may have to spend a number of hours in cramped spaces and on cold and windy building sites.

What are the studies involved?

There is no minimum requirement for becoming an electrician but it is helpful if you have good GCSE results in maths, English, and physics. An additional level in ICT (information communication and technology) is also useful. If you don’t have these qualifications, you will have to appear for an aptitude test. You will need to pass a color vision assessment to be able to enroll in the course.

The most popular method of becoming an electrician is through an apprenticeship. If you are 25 years of age or younger than you will take 4 years to complete an apprenticeship which will require you to learn theoretical as well as practical facts. Currently in the UK you need to take the 2357 City and Guilds diploma in electro technology. This is a hybrid qualification that has replaced the old ones.

What are the other skills required to become an electrician

You may be interested in becoming an electrician, but the job is not just about fixing wired and appliances. You are required to be a team player if you are an installation electrician because you have to work with architects and construction teams. You need to be a communication expert if you are a maintenance electrician as you will be dealing with end customers. If you are a production electrician you need to be a quick learner and team player. IF you think you have these qualities then you can go ahead and become a professional electrician.



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