Acquired skills

  • CCN1 – Core Gas Safety (Now includes Combustion Performance Analysis- CPA1)
  • MET1 – Domestic Gas Meters
  • CKR1 – Gas Cookers and Hobs
  • HTR1 – Gas Space Heaters (Gas Fires)
  • CENWAT – Domestic Gas Central Heating Boilers & Gas Water Heaters (An updated combined qualification that replaces CEN1 & WAT1)

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Course outline

Gas Safety (CCN1) course – Gas Training Package

New Career Training offers various gas safe courses, for amateurs and professionals. This course is designed to facilitate the beginners, to acquire the skills of a qualified Gas Engineer. The entrants require no previous gas qualifications or certifications to register for this particular course. This course is designed to facilitate the flexibility of timing for the entrants, and there are no specified time limits for the initiation and ending of the course. Completing this gas safe course, you are to be awarded with UK national standard ACS Gas Qualifications at Level 3.

This gas training programme includes three specified stages, as listed below:

STAGE ONE:  Domestic Gas Training

The first stage of this gas safe training programme is class-room based. This stage spans over several days and includes the imparting of both theoretical and practical knowledge, having significant importance for gas safety. This stage includes teachings and learning concerned with all aspects of domestic gas safety, from domestic installer course to the correct use of gas equipment, and is recognised by the ACS scheme.
The entrants are divided into small groups to make the teaching and learning more effective and also provide the opportunity to acquire first-hand experience of ensuring the taking of all relevant safety measures, while working on domestic gas installation, equipment and appliances.

STAGE TWO:  Gas Portfolio Package

Your portfolio is a compilation and formal record of all the relevant work you may have performed in the professional field. It is to be notified that your portfolio should only mention gas related work that has been conducted under the direct monitoring and supervision of a qualified Gas Engineer, whose name is on the Gas Safe Register, presently.
However, finding a qualified Gas Engineer is quite a difficult task. Most of the companies do not provide such assistance and those that do, mention that the providence of a mentor is subjected to availability. This means that you are on a chance and the company does not owe any commitment to you, with respect to providing you with a qualified mentor. Usually, entrants are not aware of the non-availability of a mentor, prior to their registering for a gas safe course, and face difficulties in the later stages of the gas safe courses.
We, at New Career Training, assure you of our full assistance and guarantee the providence of a qualified Gas Engineer, as your mentor. We also make it certain to provide you with the required work placements, as a part of this gas safe course, in order to facilitate the completion of your portfolio.

STAGE THREE: ACS (CCN1) gas assessment+ Appliances

The last stage of this gas safe program includes the examination of your learning and understanding on the basis of your portfolio and skills acquired. If your able meet all the requirements, you are certified to apply for your (CCN1) exam and Appliances.

Successfully completing your ACS (CCN1) exam, you may now apply for Gas Safe Registration.


Entry requirements

  • There are no pre-requisites to enroll in this course as it is designed to take candidates from a new entrant to a fully qualified Gas Engineer.