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Course outline

New Career Training offers services to help you with the completion of your gas portfolio, so that you become eligible for on field ACS training, under the guidance of a qualified supervisor, who is a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

Based on our vast experience, we acknowledge the difficulty that Category 3 Gas Safe Engineers face due to incomplete gas safe portfolios. They need to complete a Portfolio of Evidence as a requirement to register for ACS examination.

Portfolio completion is one of the most important aspects of gas training, as a good and complete gas portfolio shows that you are practically trained and experienced to handle real life scenarios. This onsite training includes practical learning under the monitoring of a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, who has the expertise of working in various areas of gas industry. The onsite learning for your gas safe portfolio completion is carried out on standard domestic locations. In case, certain tasks are unable to be carried out on the location, due to various limitations, the tasks are completed in the centre under controlled and replicated conditions. Different appliances are selected to complete the task.

The expert engineers at New Career Training trains students to ensure their safety while working in the gas industry. We have vast experience of helping students with their gas safe portfolio completion, so that they are able to appear for ACS examination.

We provide the students with engineer vehicles and equipment to be used under the supervision of the Gas Safe Engineers, who train them to develop skills required to complete their gas portfolio. We also provide services for portfolio work placement.

By helping student with their gas safe portfolio completion, we help them to work professionally in the field of gas industry and develop skills to qualify as Gas safe Engineers.


Entry requirements

  • There are no pre-requisites to enroll in this course