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Course outline

The APL Foundation Course is a comprehensive gas safe course, to help new entrants train themselves to qualify as gas engineers. This gas safe course also includes training for developing other relevant skills that are employed in the gas industry, like plumbing, heating, pipefitting and the like.

This gas safety training includes the learning of basic and necessary knowledge about gas safety measures and training the students to practically implement the learned gas safety measures while working in the gas industry. This gas safe course offers both, centre training and ‘on the job’ experience to the students. The gas training and work experience is provided under the mentorship of a registered gas installer.

This particular gas training course aims at imparting the essential knowledge and helping the students to develop required skills, to meet the requirements for Category 2 and Category 3 entrants to register for Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) for gas.

APL programme is a gas course which trains you to become eligible for registering for Domestic Natural Gas Learning Programme, which includes comprehensive learning about all aspects of domestic gas work and gas safety, helping you to develop expertise to use various gas appliance used in the gas industry. This gas safe course offers classroom learning, as well as, practical experience to educate you about all the related disciplines of domestic gas and use of relevant gas appliances. This course is not limited to theoretical learning only. The students are given practical training for applying their learned knowledge in real case scenarios. Our professional instructors are capable of imparting knowledge effectively and help you with their practical implementation.

This comprehensive gas training provides sufficient gas safety knowledge and makes sure that you make fewer mistakes while working professionally in the gas industry. This gas safe course encourages the students to learn and develop expert gas safety skills.

Through this gas safe course, students will be trained and tested in the following areas:
– Controls
– Legislation
– Basics and ethics of combustion
– Building parameters and standards
– Effective use of chimneys and flueing expertise
– Use of relevant appliances and equipment e.g. flue gas analysers
– Safety and health standards
– Installation and designing
– Scaling and measuring heat outputs and gas pressure
– Pipework

The APL programme includes following specialised training programmes:
– Centre based training programme
– On the job training under the supervision of a qualified mentor
– Experiences acquired while working under the guidance of a mentor, who is a qualified gas installer
– Once the students complete the APL training programme and portfolio, they become eligible to appear for ACS assessment


Entry requirements

  • No prerequisites are required to enroll on the course.