Is there an opportunity for qualified professionals?

There are currently around 30 million households in the UK and this number grows daily. At some point, it is certain that every household will need a Gas Engineer, Electrician and a Plumber!

Even though new home builds have slowed in the current economy, every day millions of existing homes still need extensions, rewiring or a host of other electrical work; Central Heating systems need to be installed, circulating pumps need to be replaced, gas boilers need to be serviced or replaced, burst pipes need to be repaired etc. etc. etc.

There are government targets in place to build 3 million homes by the year 2020. If anything this target is too considering that the UK population recently reached

60 million and a government study predicts that organic population growth coupled with anticipated entrants from the steadily expanding European Union could see our population grow to over 70 million within the next 20 years.

Add to this the ongoing concerns over the lack of social affordable housing and it is easy to see why these new build targets will have to increase.

Whatever the state of the global or local economy, it is clear that the UK continues to be desperately short of housing. Make sure that when building starts again in earnest, you are already qualified to be a part of the boom.

Is there an opportunity? You decide….

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Tom C Gas training

A small number of people in the group plus experienced instructors mean that success is guarateed.

Noah G Gas training

My adventure with NCT started when I took part in a free introductory training. This was enough for me to know that participation in the course is the right choice.

Cody D Gas training

Teachers’ knowledge and experience make final exams a mere formality.

Cole E Gas training

The flexible payment system made it possible for me to raise my qualifications without being too hard on my domestic budget.

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A friend of mine recommended NCT and I was not disappointed. The things I learned there let me start on my own and my income has risen considerably.

Mason N Gas training

I was pleasantly surprised by informal and friendly atmosphere on the course. I find it helpful that large chunks of material were passed on in a way that was very simple and easy to understand

John W Gas training

My problem with taking up training was the lack of time. NCT adjusted the timetable to my demand; thanks to it I was able to improve my qualifications.

Louis B Gas training

The classes are really practical, there is no unnecessary book learning, it is just pure practice, easy to implement.

Frank F Gas training

The training course measured up to my expectations 100 %. Instructor’s factual knowledge together with his experience was on a very high level – something that you won’t find in any book!

Kane L Gas training