Guaranteed Pass Scheme

Afraid that you won’t pass the final exam? You don’t have anything to worry about. Not with NCT’s Guaranteed Pass Scheme. Sometimes people are afraid that the final exam of the course will appear too hard for them. Well, not in NCT. Thanks to the commitment, expertise and experience of our instructors and the training system we can guarantee that every participant of the course will pass the final exam. Should you fail, we provide the additional training – absolutely free! That means that every participant of the course acquires knowledge and competence to pass the final exam – without any additional cost, just at the course price. So no need to be uneasy – with our Guaranteed Pass Scheme you always make it!

Pay as you learn

With NCT payment is easy! You don’t need to pay the whole cost before that training course starts. There is a possibility of paying in installments. That means you pay for each stage of the course before this stage begins. There is no additional cost of this arrangement. The actual number and level of installments can be adjusted to each participant’s individual demands.

Try before you buy

You are still not sure that our offer suits your needs? Before you actually enroll, you can check us out. You can check our courses during Open Days of NCT. Come and take part in free exemplary classes and you will see for yourself that it is worth it. You can also come to a free introductory lesson which every training course begins with. After that, you can decide whether you want to stay with us. So what stops you from trying?

Real life implementation not book learning

The syllabus in NCT is based on two Es: Expertise and Experience. This means that when you study, you don’t learn theoretical things alone. You also get familiar with real life situations in which you put academic knowledge into effect. Our instructors are all professionals, so they can help you understand things and put them into practice. Such a training scheme does not only broadens your knowledge but also helps you avoid mistakes in your job. Learn and practice, find things out and check them out – this is how we do it in NCT.

Monitoring to help

Every student’s progress is monitored during the process of learning. We guarantee help and support with your studying when it is necessary – and you get it absolutely free, no additional fee is required. NCT instructors are always there for you – and sometimes you don’t even have to ask because we keep an eye on your learning. We do not only teach but also support your progress.

Highest customer satisfaction

Our success is measured through the success of our customers.

Before I chose NCT offer I took a look at the opinions on the forum and I can say that they deserve praise and recommendation alone!

Tom C Gas training

A small number of people in the group plus experienced instructors mean that success is guarateed.

Noah G Gas training

My adventure with NCT started when I took part in a free introductory training. This was enough for me to know that participation in the course is the right choice.

Cody D Gas training

Teachers’ knowledge and experience make final exams a mere formality.

Cole E Gas training

The flexible payment system made it possible for me to raise my qualifications without being too hard on my domestic budget.

Bradley T Gas training

A friend of mine recommended NCT and I was not disappointed. The things I learned there let me start on my own and my income has risen considerably.

Mason N Gas training

I was pleasantly surprised by informal and friendly atmosphere on the course. I find it helpful that large chunks of material were passed on in a way that was very simple and easy to understand

John W Gas training

My problem with taking up training was the lack of time. NCT adjusted the timetable to my demand; thanks to it I was able to improve my qualifications.

Louis B Gas training

The classes are really practical, there is no unnecessary book learning, it is just pure practice, easy to implement.

Frank F Gas training

The training course measured up to my expectations 100 %. Instructor’s factual knowledge together with his experience was on a very high level – something that you won’t find in any book!

Kane L Gas training